Tripping Arrow

Tripping ArrowBarb White and Rod Smit


Sometimes we all get “tripped up” in learning and teaching too.   To have an articulated explanation of a technique is key, whether your learning it for the first time or have practiced it 1,000 times.

The two inward horizontal palm hell strikes to the head, palm strike to the chest and tigers mouth to the throat along with that reverse bow take down is highly effective.   There are so many things happening here,  strikes, marriage with gravity, more strikes and an awesome kick to the head, it’s hard to not LOVE this technique.

Several years back, I participated in a BWKS demo, my husband Sean was my partner, I had just recently returned after 6 months of recovery from left leg ACL repair surgery.   When I did a reverse bow take down on him, he landed on my leg resulting in my right ACL snapping on the spot.  I knew it when it happened so every time I do this technique, I have a slight hesitation, this is unfortunate, but factual.

So when I was teaching it yesterday, for a brief moment, I hesitated in the partner work only out of my own person experience as noted above.   To teach in the air is one thing but in order to learn properly, partner work is a necessary must.  There are many variations that I’ve seen over the years and I’d be interested to have your thoughts on the different effectiveness you’ve learned with Tripping Arrow.  Please leave in the comments below.




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  1. Chad Gundlach says:

    I love this technique….it brings in so many factors into one technique….. I agree that this technique requires diligent partner work. I like the closeness and proximity of this attack….it’s more personal then a right punch in some ways and requires excellent balance.
    First you must understand the intent of the attack… What do I mean by this? Is it a lift, flip or push… Your first move is imperative…. Root your weight to prevent lift… Strike the jaw and head to cancel everything else….the head is a partial key in this technique as dr. Smith points out. Controlling the head, effecting the balance…the head turn and push back gets the body in position leaning for the takendown. The reverse bow supplants the effected height zone head turn. More importantly part two of the technique which 90% of students get incorrect… The left grab in preparation for arm bar control…with the body leaning center of gravity is to far outside the body to maintain standing….the body falls… The left arm must wrap their right arm… The right hand execute the strike to reinforce and strike while falling…. But for me the arm is where it’s at…. Use the opponents weight to break their own arm and use the ground to punish with the fall…pinning check with the combined arm bar and the rest is gravy….

    I love this technique!

    Chad Gundlach
    Bob White Karate

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